Bulgari Vert

Sku: 783320471933

Eau parfumée au thé vert is Bulgari’s very first fragrance for men and women. For the first time, a unique, bold and unexpected ingredient such as tea was at the center of the inspiration of a fragrance, giving an unusual sensorial and olfactive coloration to the concept of Cologne, one that was essentially aromatic. This was a new and exclusive accord in perfumery, and a new way to wear perfume. The inf inite vivacity of Italian bergamot immediately seduces the senses. The incomparably fresh accord of green tea, pepper, cedar wood, beeswax, and white musk notes that follows contains all the innate purity and transparency of a moment when the body and mind rediscovers sensations that are original, alive and vibrant. A vital expression of refined elegance, it awakens and refreshes the senses. With Eau Parfumée au thé vert, Bulgari invites guests to experience sensations of pure and immediate well-being through simple, everyday gestures and rituals.